The month is coming to a close and we at the HEN HOUSE have been busy bees……furniture going out and other accoutrement’s coming in.The rain has arrived to Northern California to the delight of our gardens and the skiers up NORTH!.I recently found this quote from COCO CHANEL which I thought was worth repeating.”Gorgeous at twenty,charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of her life.”I’m in the irresistible stage of life……….where are you and how do you feel about it?Do leave a comment please. To do so you must click on Hen House above the google word at the top of the page then click on FOR SALE…………am hoping a few more of you Looky – Loo’s will leave a salutation as that makes my day!If by chance a certain Jane Audrey leaves a comment,well…….. that would make my day complete!As only the two of us know why!xxxxx


  1. marilyn chalmers says

    Hey I’m in the irresistible phase too….don’t think it’s really true…but I’m going to try and live “Coco like” and just believe it!

  2. foodiefan says

    Irresistible for me! And loving it, although wish my body was in the gorgeous stage! Imagine the lovely Queen Elizabeth would like to be in the gorgeous stage too!

  3. THe Baroness says

    According to Coco I am charming. In other words, I am in training for Irresistable!!! One two three, One two three!
    You are the greatest inspiration!

  4. Piedmont Pembroke Parent says

    Dear Contessa,

    Life is what we make of it! We are all gorgeous if we radiate joy from within and you are an inspiration for living life happily.


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