La Contessa in the Garden

La Contessa! Your hostess and proprietress has collected most of her 54 years. She would hunt with her MOTHER at a very young age for the rusted and unusual. She had the good fortune to travel the world before the ITALIAN husband appeared. After marriage and two beautiful sons were born they had the opportunity to live outside of FLORENCE, ITALY.

Florence got under the skin of the CONTESSA, because she adored the antiquity and charm of the ancient city. Honestly, there were not enough hours in the day to explore and take it all in! When the time came to go back to the United States the Contessa arrived at the airport after all her belongings had been shipped with 18 pieces of luggage, two dogs, two cats and two sons!!

To this day Italian music and European like people influence the music, moods and the moves she takes. And her shop reflects that. As one customer stated its just full of “WAVES OF WONDERMENT!”

On June 15,2013 I have decided to close the shop after 12 WONDERFUL years in LAFAYETTE.I will continue to appear at shows and sell on-line.Please SUBSCRIBE to this site www.thevintagecontessa.net to stay informed of my every move!